New Judas Priest items: Steve Grennan’s collection

Steve Grennan’s Judas Priest Collection:

We’ve recently added to the online archive a whole host of Judas Priest memorabilia collected and cherished by uberfan, Steve Grennan. Home of Metal headed over to Steve’s home for a nosy through his amazing collection of items accumulated over several decades starting from when he was a teenager. He had so many things that we had to ask him to pick out just a small selection of his favourites. There’s everything from the modest collector’s ticket stubs to much rarer and obscure items like signed leather jackets and imported vinyl, not to mention a few quirky items no diehard Priest fan could possibly resist. Truthfully we could have been there all day; that’s how much fun we had rifling through everything!

We hope you’ll enjoy looking over these latest additions and be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think, help us add missing details and also to tell us about any of your own personal memories that are jogged by what you see.

In addition to photos, there are also a few items in which you’ll find a linked audio clip recording where Steve goes into a bit more detail about an item. Be especially sure to check out the brief audio introduction from Steve where he talks about how his passion and obsession with Priest got started (Listen


Maybe you’ve got your own stash of Home of Metal related goodies you take pride in? If so we’d love to see them, so get uploading! Finally, all here at HQ wish to thank Steve for opening his doors to us and for being so generous with his time. Rock on, Sir! Or should we say…’Rock Forever’!



Steve with one of his prized Judas Priest pieces (view item here)