New issue of Terrorizer features JUDAS PRIEST retrospective

The latest issue of monthly extreme music bible Terrorizer has recently hit the newstands, with the unmistakable Rob Halford casting his metal gaze from the cover. The cover story is a look back at Priest’s 1980 landmark, ‘British Steel’, with a thirtieth anniversary retrospective on the genesis of one of metals classics.As the magazine itself states :

A good thirty years after a sound was defined and a scene took form, Terrorizer stands in awe of a towering metal monument every bit the equal of Wren’s churches or Brunell’s top hat – Judas Priest’s 1980 call to arms, ‘British Steel’. Devour not just the story behind this vastly influential album, but learn of its impact on Watain, Primordial, Ihsahn and more!


In other Brum-centric news, Napalm Death sideproject Venomous Concept are the latest to take the Terrorizer ‘Hard of Hearing’ challenge.

Terrorizer is available from all good newsagents and through their website.

4 comments on “New issue of Terrorizer features JUDAS PRIEST retrospective

  1. Pete NelsonJozsef Alexander Chavez Medina - Oxcimi GA 146 - Electrci Eye

    Only the best can do this, many thanks for this cover Terroraizer Magazine, the world need to remenber who be the Metal Gods…

    As Metal God – Rob Halford said in the Home Dvd 30ยบ Aniversary
    “Judas Priest is making Heavy Metal for 35 years”

    The Best for Your’s

    Oxcimi GA 146 – Electric Eye…
    Caracas Venezuela
    Judas Is Rising

  2. Pete Nelsonkickstartmyheart

    Judas Priest : You fucking rock – forever !!!

    Thanks for a great show in Vienna, Austria on June 29, 2011 – Epitaph Tour !!!


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