Natasha Slater – from Oz to Oz

“he rolled his eyes and he said “why the **** would you want to get my name tattooed on you?!””

Hear the first part of our Black Sabbath oral history with Natasha Slater who grew up in a small town in Australia but upon her first visit to the UK a few years ago to see Black Sabbath, of course, decided to return to live here as she fell in the love with the place.

“Even still after 30 years I will listen to a song and it just consumes me I guess”

Talking here of her younger self tattooing Ozzy’s name on her arm, to eventually meeting him in person and the incredible dream come true of seeing them live, having come from a small town where these things just didn’t happen.

“Coming from such a small town…this was like a dream that was never ever going to come to fruition…it was a fantasy…for it to all come true, you just can’t describe it…there’s no words that would emphasise it enough.”

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