Napalm Death to tear up the V&A



Loving how much the Home of Metal artists are popping up in all sorts of unexpected places at the moment. Tony Iommi at the Eurovision Song Contest and now Napalm Death at the Victoria & Albert Museum on the 22nd March!

“Napalm Death. The V&A. One is among our nation’s greatest extreme music ensembles. The other is one of our nation’s greatest museums. One is named after a form of vicious, sticky liquid used in horrific incendiary devices. The other is named after our great Queen Vic and her fella. One is filled with dudes from Birmingham. The other is filled with pots. Now wouldn’t it be amazing if Napalm Death were to play a gig at the museum? And wouldn’t it be amazing if it was free? 

Oh wait, guess what? That’s totally happening! Keith Harrison, the V&A’s ceramicist in residence, is a big grindcore fan and has invited the midlands group to South Kensington for a special one off performance. Harrison will be surrounding the group with handmade ceramic objects, which – if all goes to plan – will shatter as the band play through hits like ‘You Suffer’ and ‘The Kill’.  If that doesn’t sound awesome, you’re reading it wrong.” Time Out Magazine

Seems like tickets have been booked up already, but looking forward to seeing photos of this gig!