Martin Nesbitt’s Napalm Death Artifacts

On Monday 18th April, we took a trip to Nottingham to visit Martin Nesbitt, former employee of Earache records and his wonderful collection of Napalm Deah artifacts. Let’s take a look at some of his most exciting pieces…

The highlight of the collection has to be these videos:

Napalm VHS

These are a fantastic documentary of Napalm during their early days. One VHS shows the band and Marting traversing the streets of 1989 Tokyo and really is a fantastic piece of Metal History.

From the same year, Martin has a huge poster from ‘Big Beat’ festival on 27th May 1989 in Vienna, Austria. Napalm were supported by the darkly humorous Death Metal Band Pungent Stench.

Napalm Big Beat Poster

Another poster we all think is cracking, is this:

Napalm Sheffield Poster

Promoting a gig at Sheffied University Refectory. We all secretly want this for our walls at home!

A final and equally good-looking highlight is this bootleg LP, also released in 1989.The LP features Deathcore live at Bremen’s ‘Al Adin’ Music Hall, on 19/12/1989. The unnofficial release was through ‘Headache Records’.

Napalm Bootleg

We would like to send out huge thanks to Martin for lending us these pieces, which will be exhibited between venues during our summer seasons of Exhibitions. For more information on these, please see our Events pages. To see more of Martin’s treasures, please visit our Archive.