Karen Dizefalo – in Technical Ecstasy

“There’s a part of my life that is connected with every single song.”

Meet Karen Dizefalo from New York. Dedicated Sabbath fan and flag runner for ‘Tony’s girls.’ In Part 1 of Karen’s oral history, we here how the band have soundtracked her life and some of the Sabbath memories (of which there’s hundreds) she holds closest to her heart.

“Towards the late 70s I was married at the time and my husband and I built a Race Car which I was the driver of…and we had it painted in the colours of Technical Ecstasy, that album, because I was such a fan of Technical Ecstasy, it was very different from all the previous albums…That was a pretty amazing time in my life.”

She describes the wonderful feeling of connection you get at a Sabbath show, how it’s like a ‘peace rally march’ and an experience like no other. She talks her favourite song, witnessing the last shows and her Tony Iommi fandom. Holding her ‘Tony’s Girls’ banner with her 2 close friends (one of which you may remember – Rosie Piergiorgi) at the front row of all the final shows.

“He’s so humble and so soft spoken and so gentle…that thing he does, the nod and the smile on stage…he has his little way of letting you know that he sees you and he’s not egotistical, he’s just the coolest guy out there.”

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon.