Johnny Doom – Concluding Part 2

In the concluding Part 2 of Johnny Doom’s oral history we here about his favourite Sabbath tune and his direct relationship with Brum and the bands spawn out of it.

“There was something about Birmingham around time which threw up these bands Doom, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower…and still throws up bands like that today.”

And why he’s stuck around.

Johnny now performs in Rainbow Grave with Nic Bullen from Napalm Death – for any Metal heads out there, if you haven’t already heard, go check them out! [here]

“I’d say the home of Metal is global but I would like it to be recognised – the importance of Sabbath coming from the Midlands – and also the feel of the Midlands, the industrial aspects, the working class aspects and maybe the darker aspects and more depressing bits of living in Birmingham as well. I’d like people to celebrate that and look in to that more – how its created, in turn, this kind of dark big sound that then has been replicated everywhere and gone out to the world. “