Jeremy Stewart – Supernaught, Supervol

Here’s our lovely Home of Metal volunteer – Jeremy Stewart. In light of our current deadline fast approaching to APPLY TO VOLUNTEER for all the incredible Home of Metal events happening over the course of 2019 (deadline tomorrow Jan 30th!) we thought we’d share with you the concluding part to Jeremy’s Black Sabbath oral history:

In this part he describes his (rather alternative!) favourite Black Sabbath song…

“It’s got quite a bit of a hip-shake to it! It’s quite funky, for a metal song”

And tells us about his treasured memorabilia – from the old tin of tickets of past concerts to the near totally worn-out Black Sabbath Tee, still worn with pride. 

Jeremy gives us his two cents on the ‘home of metal’ and what it means to him.

“The home of metal, it’s heavy metal, it’s sounds of industry, so you could say it is Birmingham. There was the heavy industry in Birmingham and the escape from that was to form a band… it was one type of metal or another!”


You can also listen back to the first part from Jeremy below. And for all the Black Sabbath oral histories released so far, please visit our Home of Metal SoundCloud page!