Jeremy Stewart – giving back to Brum

“I always thought it was important to go back to the start and find out where the new bands came from.”

Listen to Part 1 of the Oral History from local Brummie and Home of Metal volunteer,  Jeremy Stewart. Jeremy got into Sabbath to find the point of origin for all the other rock/metal bands he was listening to. 

Talking here about his Brummy pride for the band, how the success of 4 working class lads provides something to aspire to beyond day to day life, Jeremy reminisces over his fond memories of Sabbath and of one show in particular.

“They were just regular guys trying to make something for themselves and they did it. Its something to aspire to…there’s something beyond the regular 9 to 5, the regular path you think may have been cast out for you.”

Seeing them at the old O2 Academy in Birmingham back in 2001, at a low-key gig ticketed just to Birmingham fans in aid of St. Basils charity was particularly electric. Admiring the way in which the band were still giving back to Brum. It also marked his official ‘full baptism into Metal’…listen in to find out more!