How to Crush

The Warwick & Framus blog  have posted up a guide to achieving Mitch Harris of Napalm Death’s crushing sound.

“On your Framus Dragon amp first select the Lead Channel (Harris likes to dish out plenty of drive and distortion) then tune into the following settings:
Gain – 5 o’clock (yes, ALL the way up!)
Presence – Roughly 1:30 (Between 7th & 8th notch)
Volume – 12 o’clock (On 6th notch)
Bass – 3 o’clock (the 9th notch)
Middle – 11 o’clock (5th notch)
Treble – 2 o’clock (8th notch)
Effect Mix – 7 o’clock (1st notch)
Deep – Between 8/9 o’clock (Between notches 2&3)
Master 1 – Between 10/11 o’clock (Between notches 4&5)
Master 2 – 12 o’clock (6th notch)”

Photo: Mitch’s actual settings