Home of Metal’s artistic director appointed as ‘Metal Curator’ by Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) on the new commission Black Sabbath – The Ballet.

Home of Metal are delighted to announce that we have been appointed as ‘Metal Curator’ by Birmingham Royal Ballet (BRB) on the new commission Black Sabbath – The Ballet.

BRB and Home of Metal, as bastions of Birmingham, whose work is acclaimed internationally, come together to celebrate the city and its heritage.   The ballet will feature dance and original Black Sabbath recordings (including Paranoid and Iron Man) alongside full orchestrations of their work and original new orchestral compositions inspired by the sound of Metal – all performed live by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia.

Lisa Meyer, founder and artistic director of Home of Metal, was invited in March to join the creative team behind the ballet and is working alongside lead choreographer Pontus Lidberg, designer Alexandre Arrechea, composer Christopher Austin and dramaturg Richard Thomas.  The production is the vision of BRB’s artistic director Carlos Acosta.  

Lisa and Home of Metal are working in this creative and curatorial role to provide curation and artistic input into the production and the wider programme surrounding the the ballet, informing the creative process, to ensure an authentic ‘metal voice’  is developed – one that speaks directly and authoritatively to audiences, fans and local communities. Focussing on Metal and sense of place, on the unique style, musicality and iconography of Black Sabbath and on turning up the volume in an innovative and iconic way.   Home of Metal are also supporting the marketing of the production as consultants building on their expertise, networks and international activity during their exhibition Black Sabbath – 50 Years, that saw audiences visiting from 52 countries worldwide and press coverage across all major newspaper, TV and online platforms, with over 350,000 people engaging with our Home of Metal season.  

‘Black Sabbath – 50 Years’ Exhibition, 2019

“Home of Metal join the dots between music, social history, visual art and fan cultures to produce a new perspective on Heavy Metal, one that turns up the volume and tells the broad and diverse story of Metal, from the pioneers of 50 years ago, to the contemporary innovators. Home of Metal are proud to be working with BRB as part of the creative team throughout the production of Black Sabbath- the Ballet”.     Lisa Meyer