Home of Metal Launch In Pictures

Last Thursday Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery’s Gas Hall hosted the launch of the Home of Metal Exhibition. In attendence were notable members of both the music and art communities. Slade singer Noddy Holder, former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing and Brian Tatler from Diamond Head were among the guests at the official opening which was launched by Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi.


The great Tony Iommi speaking at the launch


(L-R) Exhibition designers Luke Morgan and  Morag Myerscough with Home of Metal Researcher
Rob Horrocks


Photographer Steve Gerrard infront of fan portraits


Kerrang! DJ Johnny Doom relaxing in a mock-up of Ozzy’s living room


Collector Bill Sneyd with his Judas Priest Collection Display

tony and chris

Black Sabbath member Tony Iommi with Home of Metal contributor and Black Sabbath fan Chris Hopkins


Artist Bunny Bissoux and her fantastic Home of Metal family tree


AMAZING Home of Metal Cupcakes by Kiss Me Cupcakes. Metal themed Cocktails were also provided by Bitters ‘n’ Twisted venues.


Former Judas Priest member K.K. Downing with a Harley Davidson


Lyndon Laney, founder of Laney Amps playing a Juneau Projects guitar


Exhibition Officer Tom Grosvenor


Founding member of Napalm Death Nic Bullen

Lisa and Tony
Tony Iommi thanking Home of Metal co-founder and Artistic Director Lisa Meyer

2 comments on “Home of Metal Launch In Pictures

  1. Beth HoganJohn Kennedy

    This review from an early visitor…
    It was a zimmer-time blues shuffle down amnesia lane for me. The ‘front-room’ tv concept is a stunner. The exhibits’ narratives were spot-on without the need for gushing, extended milking of the industrial context. The archive and dry commentaries were pithy and gorgeously under-stated for double effect. The conceptualisation of the Naplam Death room etc was inspired – using the floor as an additional dimensional focus likewise. I do remember John Peel’s utter disgust when he washed his hands of Naplam Death for sucking on the teet of the the corporate, commercial whore when they released a ‘song’ that was over a minute long. ‘A fucking concept album!’ was his approximate expostulation.

    I am immensely proud to have been invited to contribute my little snake-bite swig of memories. I feel it might get me a little bit nearer to being an honourary, adopted brummie.

    I live in hope and the hungover fug of Aston Cross on a Friday morning, winter 1972. The wiff of the brewery, HP sauce and Saltley gas works…the horror, the horror! Do feel free to share this with your colleagues.

    xxx John Kennedy.

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