Home Of Metal in Wolverhampton

After a frantic day yesterday of setting up our Home Of Metal drop in centre we’re delighted to say we’re open and ready for folks to pop in and check out what we’re doing. As well as a selection of artefacts that we’ve gathered on display, fans are welcome to bring along their memorabilia & stories to be photographed & recorded to contribute to the digital archive. Our volunteers are ready and waiting!

Home Of Metal are looking for everything from concert tickets to photographs, badges, album covers, t-shirts, demo tapes, fan letters, fanzines, flyers, lyrics, posters, press articles, set lists and promotional materials to build the collection online, which will inform a series of major exhibitions which are being developed for 2011.
The shop is located at City 10, 18 Queen Square in Wolverhampton city centre Thurs, Fri & Sat 10 – 6pm

Selection of related articles and photos we’ve found during our research
On display early Napalm Death zine by Nicholas Bullen
Activities for all the family including colour in Sabbath + badges

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