Home of Metal in The Independent on Sunday


‘As 40 years of heavy metal are celebrated in Birmingham, the genre’s spiritual birthplace, James McMahon picks out its top players’

Black Sabbath – 1968-2006 – Key Track ‘Paranoid’

Judas Priest – 1969 – present – Key Track ‘Living After Midnight’

Napalm Death – 1981 -present – Key Track ‘Icing on the Hate’

AC/DC – 1973 – present – Key Track ‘It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock n roll’

Motörhead – 1975 -present – Key Track ‘Ace of Spades’

Slipknot – 1995 – present – Key Track ‘Wait and Bleed’

Dillinger Escape Plan – 1997 – present – Key Track ‘43% Burnt

Metallica – 1981 – present – Key Track ‘Enter Sandman’

Slayer – 1981 – present – Key Track ‘Dead Skin Mask’



2 comments on “Home of Metal in The Independent on Sunday

  1. Beth Hoganc healy

    shame someone can’t organize a festival in Birmingham or West Midlands with as many Midlands based metal / heavy rock bands.
    Possible line up e.g. Sabbath, Priest, Zeppelin, Napalm, Shy, Magnum, Slade, Briar, Wolfsbane, Cryer, Benediction, Esoteric, Cathedral, Godflesh, Dakesis who else can you think of?
    Maybe Roy Wood, ELO The Move, Moody Blues.

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