Home of Metal in Radar Magazine


Issue Number 11 of Radar Magazine which is out now and absolutley free, has a fantastic article inside about the Home of Metal season of events. Thanks to Lyle Bignon for writing such a fantastic feature about the project.

‘Ultimately we’re looking to create a permanent collection for the region to ensure the West Midlands will be known worldwide as the birth place of Heavy Metal. We want people from all corners of the UK and further afield to flock to pay homage, but for this to happen we need significant investment to reate a focal point, a worth’ – Lisa Meyer

‘A recent article in a national newspaper suggested that Birmingham lacks self confidence and is suffering an identity crisis, perhaps as a result of that famous Brummie trait, self-deprecation. Maybe a project such as Home of Metal, with its vision, scale and potential to refuel civic pride in the city and region has come along at just the right time.’ – Lyle Bignon.