It was a huge honour and pleasure to host the the first Home of Metal conference.  Thank you to all our delegates, presenters and visitors for participating and for ensuring that the four days were a great success and beyond all our expectations.  Delegates travelled from Europe, South America, USA and the Middle East to join us to explore, debate and celebrate the significant themes and origins of Heavy Metal in its birth place.

The conference was a key part of the unique celebration of the Home of Metal in Birmingham and the Black Country.  We have been humbled by the response both to the conference and the exhibitions and events.  In the words of our Key Note speaker, Professor Deena Weinstein of DePaul University, Chicago;
‘I’ve attended scores of conferences but Home of Metal was uinbelieveable…   I can’t believe how well run the conference was – it doesn’t seem humanly possible to have pulled it off.   More than that, or at least more memorable to me and I’m sure to each and every attendee, was the richness of the events. The visual art was extraordinary, the Birmingham Museum show alone was something that a few of us thought of hiding out at for a few weeks, the movies, the MUSIC!!, the food and so much more… No other conference could begin to hold a candle to HOM. ‘

We thank everyone for attending and making the event such a great success.

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Best wishes