The opening of Hell Bent for Leather at Walsall Leather Museum

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Image: Katja Ogrin

Last night saw the opening of Home of Metal’s ‘Hell Bent for Leather’ Exhibition a the fantastic Leather Museum in Walsall. The Exhibition celebrates Judas Priest and the Heavy Metal Look, as created for Judas Priest by Ray Brown Fashion. 

leather image3Image: Katja Ogrin

The historic home of leatherworking takes a look at ‘the look’ of Heavy Metal and its most famous sons of rock, Judas Priest.

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Image: Katja Ogrin

Dressed top-to-toe in an awe-inspiring mixture of shining leather and gleaming studs and chains, Judas Priest moved the Heavy Metal scene and its fans firmly into the territory of the rebellious outlaw; to a place where image became inextricably linked with sound.v

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Image: Katja Ogrin

  This exhibition features stage costumes from Judas Priest tours borrowed from the band’s own collection plus a wealth of fans’ memorabilia and photographs.

The exhibition is open from now until the 10th of September.

Access information can be found here.

Supported by Renaissance West Midlands, MLA and Walsall Council


While you’re here, why not check this out too!! Judas Priest will be playing Wolverhampton Civic Hall on

Thursday 21 July 2011

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