Free Trade Agreement Documentary

Their argument that no damage has yet been proven, refutes the potential for significant damage. Since most countries that have nuclear weapons have not done any harm with them, then do you enter into nuclear agreements for all countries to have them? This type of contract is essentially the nuclear option of groups of countries. And that`s the point. Banks (owners of many central banks around the world) also hold majority stakes in many large and small businesses. This is the evasion maneuver for the sovereignty of a country. “Squeezed tells the story of how globalization and free trade agreements are changing the lives of millions of people in the Asia-Pacific region. . . . Squeezed is a short film of contradictions and contradictions, and it is an emotional document on the impact of globalization on the peoples of Asia-Pacific and their reactions. [1] It is not good journalism to blindly quote government propaganda, for example. B the “free trade agreement” called TTIP. Free trade does not require state regulation, but only the application of property rights.

It will certainly not require secret negotiations or keep the results secret after the fact. Every time the government does something in the shadows, we are screwed. But it won`t stop as long as people keep going. The government will do as much to people as they allow. They`ll never hold back. She always says that she did it, that she is lying again, as usual. This monster we created to protect ourselves is now our greatest danger, both abroad and at home. Abroad, he could begin World War III. At home, we have excessive taxes and economic interference that has become a depression, for example.

B an unemployment rate of more than 20%, with no end in sight. It is clear that the TPP/TPIP/TISA is a joint effort of economic entities to control resources in a nation that is not their own. This is just another form of colonialism that reflects the old policy of the British East India Company, which made India an opium producer to offset trade costs with China, at low cost that destroyed such production in Britain, and the cheap work that pushed the empire back into its huge colonies. It made a couple very rich and certainly did little for your average British citizen. The poor debtors were sent to Australia and New Zealand to offset the social costs of Crown policy, so as not to devastate the urban production centers that emerged during the British industrial faze with devastated streets poor with their presence. The other part of this equation, rarely seen, if not totally hidden, is that in the United States, the Edf is owned and controlled by the City of London… These private and privileged banks are tail waving the dog that is the American military power. In the end, Mao`s saying “Power comes from the barrel of a weapon” is as true today as it was in the past. To put an end to this persistent imbalance in the search for corporate control over the interests of a nation, these banks and their majestically structured shivanic corporate arms need their curly cues.