Przemek Branas: I is Somebody Else

Przemek Branas: I is Somebody Else
22 June – 11 August
Free Admission

Acclaimed Polish artist Przemek Branas presents his first solo UK show at Centrala. In“I Is Somebody Else” he will create an installation employing the motif of the mask. Branas is inspired by impersonation strongly present in heavy metal culture but also the alternative culture that developed under the communist regime and State controlled music scene.

An archival and research based exhibition will feature materials, such as letters, cassette tapes and zines, collected by Polish fans during the 70’s and 80’s, at a time when the music scene was under state control. This part of the exhibition will be focused on personal stories of how fans “Behind the Iron Curtain” created an alternative culture influenced by banned

Western music. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication and a series of events.