New Art Gallery Walsall Open Day

The Home of Metal Open Days were like an ‘Antiques Roadshow’ for Heavy Metal fans, inviting fans to bring their memorabilia and stories and to contribute to the ever-growing Home of Metal Digital Archive, helping build a new collection.

At least 80 volunteers were engaged in the exhibitions and events of Home of Metal.

Working with a team of volunteers to deliver these events, the Open Days informed the exciting series of exhibitions to come. These volunteers were made up of a wide range of people whose interest in the project stems from music, social history, regional pride and more. Capsule have worked closely with a number of volunteers over the past 3-4 years to guide them in their research interests.

For our event at New Art Gallery Walsall we specially commissioned a performance by Einstellung, who payed tribute to Black Sabbath at the Open Day.

Einstellung were proud to have the opportunity to pay homage to Sabbath and thank them for allowing four like minds to meet. Einstellung performed a special Sabbath inspired piece. Alongside the simplistic motorik beats and slabs of Sabbath inspired riffage of Einstellung’s performance, the audience also found themselves raising metal fists in the air to some monstrously well know Sabbath gems.

Featuring former members of Godflesh, Sally and Kat Bjelland’s Katastrophy Wife among their number, Einstellung make incredible music that combines the motorik rhythms and sensibilities of Krautrock with the primal riffing more readily associated with their hometown of Birmingham through the likes of Sabbath.