Manufactory by Chris Coekin at Wolverhampton Art Gallery

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Chris Coekin

Over a 4-year period artist Chris Coekin has produced beautifully detailed photographs and recorded sounds on the shop floor of a heavy industrial factory. Home of Metal held an exhibition of his work at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

Taking inspiration from the 19th-century trade union banners, Coekin collaborated with the workers to produce staged portraits. Other photographs portrayed the industrial environment that has been shaped by the 175 years of heavy manufacturing and chemical processes alongside disused manual tools that Coekin unearthered hidden amongst the machinery on the factory.

The rhythmic factory sounds and spoken word performed by the operatives has been recorded by Coekin and outputted onto vinyl record to capture the intensity and psychological experiences of working within an industrial environment. The exhibition invites the audience to participate by physically playing the vinyl records on vintage record players and viewing the large-scale images, which symbolise the last days of British industry.

Supported by Arts Council England, Renaissance West Midlands, MLA, Wolverhampton Arts and Heritage.