Alan Kane: 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal

The New Art Gallery Walsall
22 June to 1 September
Free Admission

Will see Alan Kane bringing together personal collections from metal fans, plus works from leading UK artists, in an ambitiously collaborative exhibition that will be set across the extensive Floor 3 Galleries.

The show will be housed within a domestic setting, complete with ‘Metal Lounge’ filled with works by Jeremy Deller, Una Hamilton Helle, Des Hughes, Jim Lambie, Sarah Lucas, Jessica Mallock, Mike Nelson, Simon Periton, Mark Titchner, Cathy Ward, Charlie Woolley and, of course, Alan Kane himself. Additionally, metal fans’ bedrooms will be recreated, replete with associated fandom paraphernalia, plus a kitchen and a TV room showing films.

In a nod to the spirit of Walsall’s The People’s Show (1990) and to Alan Kane and Jeremy Deller’s Folk Archive (2005), exhibitions which demonstrated the pleasure of ‘ordinary’ people’s collecting habits, with objects such as tea towels and mugs, Alan Kane: 4 Bedroom Detached Home of Metal will similarly be a celebration of passion, humour and creativity.