Daniel Bogarín Granados – concluding the story

“it’s difficult to explain that in another language…even in Spanish it’s difficult to…”

In the final instalment from our Black Sabbath oral history with Daniel Bogarín Granados we hear his experience of seeing the band live in Costa Rica, something which he thought would never be possible.

Daniel describes his favourite song and how it appeals to the rebellious streak within him (& most likely within us all). Looking ahead to the future and his continuing passion for Sabbath, he hopes to one day visit Birmingham to soak in the history – where he’d be welcomed with open arms by Home of Metal and lovely Brummies far & wide no doubt.

For Daniel’s full Black Sabbath oral history, you can listen below to Part 1 and 2 as well. From meeting Ozzy in person, to the epic adventure he undertook in his pilgrimage to Maple Durham to visit the site of that infamous album sleeve. Thanks for the story Daniel, hope you do get to visit us someday!