Daniel Bogarín Granados – a Sabbath Pilgrimage

“I wanted to go to a place where I feel some kind of connection”

Listen to part 2 of our oral history from Daniel Bogarín Granados and hear about his pilgrimage all the way from Costa Rica, to the historic location of the first Black Sabbath album sleeve photograph – Mapledurham Watermill (Oxfordshire, UK).

A photographer and artist called Keith McMillian (a.k.a. Marcus Keef) designed this sleeve using a photograph of the mill. During an era where music videos were not yet a thing and the only way to represent the music visually was through the album sleeve, the “horror” music Black Sabbath wanted to create was captured particularly well with this artwork.

Daniel decided to go back packing around Europe and made a special effort to visit this place of real personal importance. Despite difficulties:

“It was very difficult for me…I usually get lost in my own country”

…he managed to find Mapledurham, with a little help from kind strangers along the way. And it was the highlight of his travels, evoking an emotional response. You can read more about the trip here on Daniel’s blog: READ ME

And listen below to hear him tell the tale.

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