How do I upload into the archive?

First things first you will need to be a member of the site. If you are already a member then you will need to login, otherwise please register.

Once you’re in you need to go to the Contribute page and select what kind of content you are submitting. Content can be any one of the following: images, videos or stories. Uploading any of these generally requires similar information. Below we explain in detail what each is.

Title – This is the name of the artifact. Keep it short and sweet but as descriptive as possible as this is what will appear to everyone as they browse the archive.

Image(s) – Browse to the images on your computer and select the ones you want to upload. You can upload several at once by CTRL (PC) or CMD (Mac) clicking each image. Please note, if you have several images and want a specific image to represent the record upload that one first, then upload the rest together.

YouTube URL – If you’re uploading a video then you will need to first upload it to YouTube. Once it’s on YouTube copy the URL (just above the embed code on the right) and paste it into this field.

Bands – Select the bands the artifact belongs to. You can select more than one. If you’re wondering why your favorite band isn’t in this list, find out why.

Category – What kind of artifact are you uploading? Select as many categories as you want to best tag your contribution.

Artifact Date – To help place your artifact on the time line you will need to enter a date. We understand that maybe memories are hazy so at the very least please select a decade. If you could be more specific then that would be even better!

Summary & Detailed Information –  This is where you can tell the world about your artifact – be as detailed as you like. What memories does it revive? Why have you kept it? Who was there with you? Etc. The richer the stories the better the archive, so go for it.

Finally, when you’re ready press upload and all being well your artifact will have a new worldwide home.