Chris Hopkins – a Black Sabbath anorak!

“I would class myself as a Black Sabbath anorak.”

Meet the man who’s seen Sabbath over 70 times, across the world – Chris Hopkins. Comparing following the band to the passion of a football club fan, he describes his obsession, his memories and his extensive knowledge on Sabbath History.

“I’ve always had the opinion that Tony Iommi is Black Sabbath”

Here in part 1 he discusses discovering the band, some of his favourite shows in particular, and the friends he’s made along the way, who have journeyed with him across the Globe to see their band. A proud group of Brummies indeed! (You might remember, Stephen Knowles?) Stay tuned for more from Chris in the coming weeks…

“I care about Sabbath quite a lot. They’ve been a large part of my life for 35 years.”