Chris Hatton’s Important Additions to the Archive

Chris Hatton brought along a very eclectic mix of items to The Public on March 26th, from records, to posters, relating to bands from Led Zep to Napalm Death.

Here is a copy of Napalm’s ‘Mass Appeal Madness’, that was signed by Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway, personally to Chris:












Another copy of ‘Mass Appeal Madness’, this time a rare CD version from Japan:












Here is another really fantastic Napalm Death item, rare tracks from 1986-1988


A Judas Priest Item now, with a ticket from their opening night of the 1991 Painkiller Tour at Aston Villa Leisure Centre on March 19th:


One of our favourite items, again by Napalm Death, is this rare ‘From Enslavement to Obliteration’ Demo Cassette:


Chris also brought along some impressive posters for Napalm, Black Sabbath, Magnum and Led Zeppelin. Here are two examples from Germany:




To see more of Chris’ items, and there are plenty more, please visit the archive! We would like to thank Chris for bringing these items to us, they really are fantastic articles!