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Bantock House Museum: The Part They PlayedWritten by on 14th January 2014

Bantock House Museum held an exhibition called ‘The Part They Played’ which was included in the Home of Metal programme of events. The exhibition brought to light the contribution made to the war effort in the 1930s and 1940s by Wolverhampton’s metal industries.
Many of Wolverhampton’s .
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Black Country Living MuseumWritten by on 14th January 2014

As part of the Home of Metal Festival the Black Country Living Museum celebrated the metal industries that brought fame to the Black Country. The story of the Black Country is distinctive because of the scale, drama, intensity and variety of the industrial might that .
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Manufactory by Chris Coekin at Wolverhampton Art GalleryWritten by on 14th January 2014

Over a 4-year period artist Chris Coekin has produced beautifully detailed photographs and recorded sounds on the shop floor of a heavy industrial factory. Home of Metal held an exhibition of his work at Wolverhampton Art Gallery.
Taking inspiration from the 19th-century trade union banners, Coekin .
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Dudley Museum and Art GalleryWritten by on 14th January 2014

Dudley is renowned for its geology and the Black Country for the ingenuity and skill of its craftspeople. Home of Metal celebrates the links between metal manufacturing in the Black Country and Heavy Metal music.
The ‘Metal’ exhibition at Dudley Museum and Art Gallery celebrated the .
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The Public: The Art of NoiseWritten by on 14th January 2014

Home of Metal formed part of The Public’s Art of Noise exhibitions programme. This featured a range of work from local, national and international artists that explored the relationship between sound, music and the visual arts.
The exhibition included a collection of photographs by renowned .
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Bilston Craft Gallery: Reverberation: The Art of Bashing Metal Then and NowWritten by on 14th January 2014

Reverberation: the art of bashing metal then and now
Working together with Bilston Craft Gallery, Home of Metal presented outstanding historic examples of the Black Country’s metalworking traditions in conjunction with exciting new contemporary practice in metal. The Bilston Craft Gallery demonstrated local excellence in design .
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Walsall Leather Museum: Hell Bent for LeatherWritten by on 14th January 2014

Hell Bent For Leather: Judas Priest and the Heavy Metal Look
The historic home of leatherworking took a look at ‘the look’ of Heavy Metal and its most famous sons of Rock, Judas Priest.
Dressed top-to-toe in an awe-inspiring mixture of shining leather and gleaming studs and .
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The New Art Gallery Walsall: Mark TitchnerWritten by on 14th January 2014

An artist hugely inspired by Heavy Metal, Capsule invited former Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner to talk at the Metal Symposium in 2007 and have maintained a strong relationship with this artist throughout the Home of Metal project. ‘BE TRUE TO .
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Wolverhampton Art Gallery: You Should Be LivingWritten by on 14th January 2014

Capsule explored the impact Heavy Metal has had on visual art with ‘You Should Be Living: The Visual Language of Heavy Metal’. Inviting international artists and commissioning a dynamic new piece of work by Napalm Death founder Nicholas Bullen and French artist Damien Deroubaix, Capsule highlighted .
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Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery: Home Of MetalWritten by on 14th January 2014

HOME OF METAL: 40 years of Heavy Metal and it’s unique birthplace
Home of Metal celebrated the bands that put Birmingham and the Black Country on the musical map. Over four years, Home of Metal scoured the UK and beyond for relics, artefacts, memorabilia and interesting .
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