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‘Black Sabbath’ by Black Sabbath – the collectionWritten by Sarah Lafford on 8th January 2013

Check out this collection of Black Sabbath’s debut album, various releases in various formats, recently uploaded to the archive.
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Studded leather and the diary of a mad manWritten by Sarah Lafford on 20th May 2012

Lots of great pieces have been added to the Home of Metal digital archive recently. Including Judas Priest stage costumes, direct from the band themselves. How they manage to perform in those is beyond us. There’s also a handwritten letter to a fan from Rob .
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Introducing – an early Black Sabbath associateWritten by Rob Horrocks on 13th September 2010

Meet Norman Hood. Norman first met Black Sabbath in 1968 when he booked them (as Earth) to play at a pub backroom venue he was running with some friends in Lichfield, Staffordshire about 15 miles north east of Birmingham.Norman got the DIY promoting bug when .
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