Black Sabbath – Memories from the Fans

The Home of Metal project has been hearing the stories from Black Sabbath fans around the world about their love for the band, the genre, happy memories of live shows, Birmingham as the Home of Metal and what it truly means to be a Metal head!

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing excerpts of these wonderful, heart warming conversations from the truly amazing dedicated fans from all over the world – an incredibly varied bunch!

If you have a story to tell – GET IN TOUCH – and see how you can contribute to the Home Of Metal archive:

Our first release comes from the die-hard Sabbath fan – Mohammed Osama. Pictured above with Geezer Butler. Mohammed is an architect from Cairo, living in Dubai and has travelled the world to see Sabbath play many a time. Including the End Tour show in Brum.

“There’s no band in the world that has reflected the spirit of their City like Black Sabbath does with Birmingham”

As well as being a loyal gig goer, his dedication to the band stretches way beyond the call of duty – he is currently campaigning for Geezer Butler to receive a Star at Broad Street ‘Walk of Stars’ Birmingham. Read more and sign the petition HERE

And now, have a listen to this recount from an adoring Sabbath fan-turned friend of the band, his experiences and his take on the Home of Metal.