Black Sabbath Day?



A new report has recommended that Birmingham City Council honour the city’s musical heritage by holding a Black Sabbath Day. This proposal comes in light of Home of Metal’s series of events celebrating Heavy Metal and its unique birthplace, and the band’s recent reformation – recording a new album and embarking upon a world tour.

We at Home of Metal are keen to see the project continue, and have been tirelessly working towards an official celebration of Black Sabbath,  the band that started it all. We have been in talks with Birmingham City Council for months now about what this official celebration might look like.

So what do you think? Would a Black Sabbath Day be an apt celebration? What do you think a Black Sabbath Day should look like? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

Read the Birmingham Post article on the report here
And Metal Hammer have created this page here




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    Ok, for celebrations in Birmingham,firstly I would like to see a cast iron replica sculpture of the cover of sabbath bloody sabbath in centenary square as a permanent fixture.Secondly, as was discussed with me and a colleague regarding the old king kong statue of birmingham, how about a huge king kong version of ozzy placed on top of the rotunda during the proposed celebration time?

    Ok,lets get down to the celebrations themselves: Like Jubilee celebrations where they have lots of union jacks, we should have flags with black sabbath on in the master of reality font adorning celebratory areas…Local acts should all play one sabbath song each somewhere in the city centre, from hip hop versions of ‘Snowblind’ to dub reggae versions of ‘The Wizard’..People can invent in the day whatever rite/celebration they see fit to celebrate the day, but at 7:30pm everyone must gather at centenary square to sing The entire First LP in a carol service style…Food and refreshments will be served by the Iron Man statue 🙂

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