Bill Ward – fine art rhythms


Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has created a unique exhibition merging fine art with the art of drumming.

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“Original Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward is preparing to unveil a groundbreaking collection of fine art created from rhythm.

On August 1, Ward will debut rhythm on canvas. Unique in concept and visual, this movement in fine art is being led by leaders in rhythm, each serving as pioneers to expand the medium and showcase a new dimension revealed within the captured sound and performance.

Like a painter using brushes, Ward is creating fine artwork utilizing sticks that light in a variety of ways. His rhythms are captured for canvas bringing forward a new dimension to what was formally just sound.

The most limited release imaginable, Ward’s collection titled “Absence Of Corners” is an ambitious one. Each art piece featured in the series is revealing, as the abstract images within, shed light on Ward’s creative vision, taking on a highly personal meaning.”