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Written by geezer-rules on 23rd May 2019

Home made Black Sabbath cross – made by a friend´s father ….

Original Tony Iommi 1975 (four hearts) Stage ShirtWritten by gumbo on 10th April 2019

Garment featured in the original 1975 Black Sabbath ‘Sabotage Tour’ program by Martyn Dean. Also featured on the official Black Sabbath Instagram page.
Obtained from a relative of the band and in my private collection since 1980.

Priest and NWOBHM Battle JacketWritten by andyedwards747 on 25th September 2018

Many hours of collecting and sewing here. Patches from gigs, festivals and custom made.

Levi’s 501s with patchesWritten by emailnicktonge on 24th September 2018

These were the jeans I’d always wear to gigs in Manchester in the mid/late 80s, and over time I added patches, bleach, safety pins, etc. Eventually, my mum complained about “the state of them!” and insisted I threw them out. I would go out wearing other jean,s with these jeans in a plastic bag, and would change into them on the train.

There are four Black Sabbath patches, one Led Zeppelin, and one Kerrang. I added the beer towel to cover a massive hole I accidenally created with the over-enthusiastic use of bleach.

My Battle JacketWritten by fozzie500 on 6th May 2017

Hand embroidered Black Sabbath logo, some patches from 80’s 90’s and 00’s