Aitor Lopez – a Brummie welcome

Meet Aitor from Spain. In part 1 of his Black Sabbath oral history, he talks of a particularly strong memory he has of blasting Sabbath in his old vintage on route to a party in a village in Catalonia where he would spend his summers. 

“I was driving, my brother was sitting by my side and there were two more guys from our village and I played the song Black Sabbath full volume…and I remember that moment of magic, everyone could feel the power of the music…I have a very clear memory of that.”

He also recounts his journey to Birmingham to see the band live. Fond of travelling alone – so as to meet new people along the way – Aitor speaks here of a very friendly Brummie he met at a local brewery – The Two Towers – who told him many Black Sabbath tales, showed him around town and took him to an infamous Brummie boozer…

“This guy, he was so nice, he walked me to the bars where they used to go to listen to heavy metal music and drink beers and we went to this bar…oh I can’t remember the name now…SCR…”

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