A History of Metal in 100 Objects

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) have recently completed a series called A History of the World in 100 Objects in which Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum used objects from the British Museum’s collection as a device for talking about human progress from stone tools and effigies to credit cards and solar powered devices. MacGregor’s laconic tones take listeners beyond the objects themselves and into the web of social, economic and political relationships that their form, character and usage illustrate.

On the BBC website the public are invited to submit their own objects and describe the stories behind them. Sound familiar? Here on Home of Metal dot com you are able to do the self same thing if you contribute to our archive. Many people already have by uploading photos of objects and telling us the stories behind them. We have well over 500 or so objects on our digital archive  – but we want more. Please keep uploading.


Its very interesting for us here at Home of Metal to see that other organisations out there are doing similar things, although we really like the way that we are able to combine oral history clips with the objects – something we haven’t seen other projects doing.