A GREAT BIG THANKS! (Now let’s hear from you)

hom_pv_tiommi_jun11-16(c) Katja Ogrin

2011 was an incredible year for Home of Metal. Thanks you to all who came along to the events, and contributed to the Heavy Metal digital archive. Thanks also to all the partner organisations, artists and venues involved in the programme.

We really enjoyed all of it and have had great feedback throughout the exhibitions but now we want to hear from all of you. Tell us what you thought, what you’d like to see and where you went. We’d also like to see your pictures! There are a number of ways you can do this:


Here is our flikr page to see our photos –> here <–
Here is our flikr group we would like to see your photos in –> here <–


Please also feel free to make any comments and suggestions on twitter, using either the hashtag #homuk  or send then directly to @homeofmetaluk


–> CLICK HERE <– to fill out a wonderfully fun short survey to let us know what you think

OR please leave your comments on our summer season of exhibitions and events here on this very page!!


4 comments on “A GREAT BIG THANKS! (Now let’s hear from you)

  1. Beth HoganAmalia Grassi

    I am going to miss this exhibition. I wish it had been free to enter as I would like to have been several times rather than just twice. Each time I saw something new. It was more of an event too. I loved the atmosphere as well and associated events. The Gentlemen’s Pistols at the New Art Gallery Walsall was great and it was lovely having the chance to mix with like minded people. Am very sad to see the exhibition go. It should be allowed to come straight back… so there!

  2. Beth Hogan

    As the small fat kid in the corner that used to watch Tony, Bill, Geezer and Ozzie practicing/rehearsing I have a vested interest in this movement, Sabbath invented Heavy Metal intentionally or accidentally, whatever, they gave the world (and the fat kid in the corner) Heavy Metal and a life long love of the music, not many of us realize this, it was OUR city, our people that gave it to the world, without it we would have no Metallica, or whoever else, c’mon guys, show some appreciation of the best (jmho) genre of music around!

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