Black Sabbath Night in São Paulo.

It was a cold rainy night on the 28th of September 2017, we chose the same date of the movie premiere to celebrate the life of our favourite band and one of the most influential artists of all time, the mighty Black Sabbath. The idea .
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Aitor Lopez – a Brummie welcome

Meet Aitor from Spain. In part 1 of his Black Sabbath oral history, he talks of a particularly strong memory he has of blasting Sabbath in his old vintage on route to a party in a village in Catalonia where he would spend his summers. 
“I .
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Chris Hopkins – a Black Sabbath anorak!

“I would class myself as a Black Sabbath anorak.”
Meet the man who’s seen Sabbath over 70 times, across the world – Chris Hopkins. Comparing following the band to the passion of a football club fan, he describes his obsession, his memories and his extensive .
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Shobha Lizaso – the remedy

“It’s complimented me since the time I was 15 til now, I’m 41 and there’s nothing else that’s really been so consistent in my life and been such a remedy for me.”
Meet Shobha Lizaso, an Attorney from America and deeply committed Sabbath fan. In Part .
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Jeremy Stewart – giving back to Brum

“I always thought it was important to go back to the start and find out where the new bands came from.”
Listen to Part 1 of the Oral History from local Brummie and Home of Metal volunteer,  Jeremy Stewart. Jeremy got into Sabbath to find the point .
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Karen Dizefalo – in Technical Ecstasy

“There’s a part of my life that is connected with every single song.”
Meet Karen Dizefalo from New York. Dedicated Sabbath fan and flag runner for ‘Tony’s girls.’ In Part 1 of Karen’s oral history, we here how the band have soundtracked her life and some .
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The Spirit of Metal Survives in Egypt

Being somewhat of a metal veteran in the Middle East, I was chuffed when I was given the opportunity to organize Home of Metal’s two photoshoots in Egypt and Lebanon. I grew up in Lebanon during the country’s Civil War, and shortly after the war .
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Stephen Knowles – Part 2

“You never forget what you grew up with as a Child.”
In the concluding part of the oral history from Stephen Knowles, we hear about his extensive collection of Black Sabbath Memorabilia and the rarities within it – including possibly the rarest Ozzy article in the .
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Stephen Knowles – The Prolific Fan

Enter Stephen Knowles. Local Brummie and life long, prolific Sabbath fan with over 100 gig attendances under his belt (plus an extensive archive, but more on that in Part 2). In part 1 of Stephen’s oral history we hear about the moment he discovered Sabbath .
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