Watch Alexander Milas Discuss Black Sabbath’s Background

Photo: Alan Perry
Following on from the talk he gave our volunteers, former Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas has recorded a short video for us, discussing the origins and background of Black Sabbath, and why they couldn’t have any formed anywhere other than Birmingham.
Check it out .
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We want your Black Sabbath ticket stubbs!

As Black Sabbath continue their final run of UK dates, we’re on the lookout for scans and photos of your ticket stubbs for our archive.
Considering how long Black Sabbath have been around, and how far they’ve come on their journey, the difference between their .
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Putting the fans centre stage

Photo by Katja Ogrin
Black Sabbath’s last ever tour, The End, has finally rolled around to the UK and, over the next week, the band will have played shows in Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, London and finally Birmingham. The Home of Metal team will be in attendance at .
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Why I Love Black Sabbath: Mark Titchner

Mark Titchner is a London based artist who was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2006, and, like the rest of us, he loves Black Sabbath. In 2011, Mark presented the solo exhibition ‘Be True To Your Oblivion’ at The New Art Gallery Walsall, as .
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Be part of Metal history

“It’s an honour to be a part of the Home of Metal.  I am just a guy from Birmingham who’s been blessed to have had such dedicated fans throughout my career.  Like I’ve always said ‘I am nothing without them.” Ozzy Osbourne

“Fans are our lifeblood, .
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Why I Love Black Sabbath: King Buzzo

Photo: Steve Gerrard
As one of the most notable disciples of sludgy, Sabbath derived riffery, guitarist/vocalist Roger “King Buzzo” Osborne has inspired millions with his band The Melvins, as well as collaborating with artists like Mike Patton, Tool, and Napalm Death’s Shane Embury in Venomous Concept, .
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Tony Iommi writes new song for Birmingham Cathedral

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has written a new piece of choral music for Birmingham Cathedral, the five minute ‘How Good It Is’, which Tony claims is “just a little bit different to Sabbath”.
Tony had become friends with Dean of Birmingham, the Very Reverend .
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Why I Love Black Sabbath: Memoriam

© Timm Sonnenschein
Having played bass in bands like Benediction, Sacrilege, Cerebral Fix and now Memoriam alongside ex-Bolt Thrower vocalist Karl Willetts, Frank Healy is a bonafide Birmingham legend and a mainstay of it’s metal scene to this day, with Memoriam’s debut album due early next .
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Contribute to the Home of Metal Archive

The Home of Metal archive is growing larger every day, but we need your help to make it even better. Read on to find out how…
If you haven’t already checked out our archive, take a second to peruse it here. There’s a wealth of metal .
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